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We have lived in the trenches and know the in and outs of overseas teaching and want ot share  with your the best options to save time and money.

Over 67 Years Combined Experience

Our consultants have lived and breathed adventure teaching so they know the right questions and answers to reference what you need to know.

Hand Selected Team of Experts

Our team of consultants are hand selected not only on their experience but their ability to share the challenges and rewards that come with each region.



Research & Discovery

We sit down with you and find you wants and attributes and best  match them to the situation that warrants its.


Planning & Execution

We locate several good choices and help you narrow down the choices to best one for you. Dot the "i" and cross the "t". No details are left unturned.


Analysis & Adjustment

Followup with progress reports and keep you informed on news and locations of other opportunities around the world.


WHAT A RIDE! Cant thank my lucky stars enough to have been located to the adventure of my dreams. Amazing culture, weather and students. I might not go home!

Christpher Jantz

Feeling the need to kiss and hug the persone who loacted me in this wonderful paradise. Have to pinch my self to be sure its real

Vera Trotter

Living la vida loca. One of the best decision I ever made,. I canst stop smiling and waiting for my nexxt adventure to start.

Greg H


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TEFL Certification

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